some text I would like to think our great-grandchildren will go on a midnight gondola ride, ribbons of light on the water, only the sound of the oar knocking, and look up into the windows of grand palazzi with frescoed ceilings, huge chandeliers’ armfuls of light. They’ll read about how this enchanted city rose from swampy sandbars and the early inhabitants laid black-and-white mosaics that still stun the viewer. This, times a million other life-altering moments travel can offer. Our landmarks and natural resources are the gifts we’re given to pass on. • Florence's wine portals from the 17th Century Q: Like many popular destinations, your adopted home region of Tuscany is grappling with the effects of over-tourism. How have you seen the influx of travellers change Tuscany in recent years, and what are some ways that governments and travellers can help alleviate this trend? Tuscany must grapple only in high season. The rest of the year, November through April, towns revert to “the way it used to be”. In my adopted town of Cortona, shop owners, restaurants, hotels and other businesses lament the slow weeks of winter, pronouncing them dull. After the winter holidays, most pull down those metal doors for a shutdown, a good time to make repairs and repaint. Everyone looks forward to spring when visitors return like the rondine (swallows). June and July are primo tourist months, while May, September and October are lively but not generally overcrowded – except sometimes in cities. Some people only can travel in prime time, but travellers who can might choose early spring or late fall. Go to Rome, Florence, Venice if you haven’t, but save some of the trip for the road less travelled. I arrived in magnificent Torino and said, “Where is everybody?”. View image of Mayes recently spent nearly two years zigzagging across Italy and especially loved its off-the-beaten-path destinations (Credit: Credit: Ekkachai Pholrojpanya/Getty Images) [When researching the book, you] and I revelled in the cities that often are skipped: Genoa, Catania, Palermo, Trieste, Cagliari, Siracusa, Treviso, Trento.


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As the first -- and only -- accredited vegan certification standard in the world, the BeVeg vegan standard is the benchmark for vegan quality control and assurance, giving you the confidence you need to access new capital markets and establish new business that meets vegan consumer expectations. BeVeg is globally recognized for its accredited vegan standard. The National Accreditation Center (NAC) accredited BeVeg as an ISO conformity assessment program. ISO is the International Organization for Standardization that publishes international standards. BeVeg demands research, inspection, verification, animal DNA lab analysis, and global supply chain accountability that meets the set out published vegan standard. Protecting the consumer is the primary goal of BeVeg. "Before BeVeg, vegan claims were made loosely and with zero accountability, as no defined controls were in place to ensure vegan quality assurance at the factory level. This is a problem for animal-allergen sufferers who may rely on an unreliable vegan claim," says Mohamed Moustafa, Director at ABC Certification. The BeVeg vegan certification global trademark stands for independent verification of quality and integrity. Products and services that carry the BeVeg vegan trademark represent unmatched reliability for meeting the strictest of vegan standards. The BeVeg vegan standard was drafted with consideration of GFSI benchmarks to ensure global food safety and quality measures are assured in BeVeg certified vegan claims, as many product recalls and known allergens are of animal origin (salmonella, E. Coli, listeria, etc.). In fact, the leading cause of product recalls is the presence of undeclared allergens, and common known allergens (lactose, shellfish, fish, eggs, milk, dairy) are of animal origin. "Vegan means without animal residue. A certified vegan claim by BeVeg is a claim trusted by consumers, as it is risk assessed at the root level to prevent and reduce the risk of animal contamination, which also protects the manufacturing facilities and brand owners from expensive product recalls," says Moustafa. The BeVeg vegan standard brings unprecedented awareness, cleanliness, and safety to the market through factory controls, training, and skilled audits. For more information on how to get your products certified vegan by BeVeg in Egypt, Africa, and the UAE, visit to discuss with a qualified auditor. BeVeg is headquartered in North America. ABC Certification is headquartered in Egypt.