Flatwater 367 South Sioux City experiencing record housing construction South Sioux City experiencing record housing construction Flatwater Crossing's 367 building, which will include 43 apartments, is expected to open later this year along the Missouri River in South Sioux City. The project is among the record number of housing units under construction in the Northeast Nebraska city, City Administrator Lance Hedquist said. SOUTH SIOUX CITY -- Housing starts in South Sioux City has never been more robust, city administrator Lance Hedquist said Monday. "We have the highest housing market in the history of South Sioux City," Hedquist told the Sioux City Rotary Club. "We have probably 400 housing units under construction as we sit here today." Fueling the boom has been two major projects adjacent to the Missouri River. RoyDon Construction is adding 300 apartments through an eight-building complex fronting the Jeff Dible Soccer Complex. "It's a beautiful facility," Hedquist said. In a nearby development fronting the Missouri, Flatwater Crossing has broken ground on 43 apartments slated for completion later this year. The units are part of the 367 building, which also will feature 6,700 square feet of commercial space. It's the latest addition to Flatwater Crossing, a master planned community project being developed by Ho-Chunk Inc., the economic development corporation for the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska. Flatwater Crossing currently has one townhouse complex, a park, a variety of finished single-family homes and some other homes under construction. Ho-Chunk continues to advance on the $75 million project, which is expected to be completed in three phases during the next 20 years. The 70-acre parcel contains 67 lots that will have town homes, single-family homes, commercial space and roughly 200 apartment units. It also includes development of a 67,000-square-foot village center, similar to a public square where pedestrians can visit shops. Hedquist also noted Monday two developers are in the process of building over three dozen single-family homes within the Northeast Nebraska city of about 13,000. Adding more housing is critical for attracting more workers to fill good-paying jobs in the community, he said. "We have businesses today that will not grow here because they can't get the employees," the veteran city administrator told the Rotarians. Hedquist said quality of life issues also are key to bringing more employers and workers to town. That's a big reason why the city has been investing in a series of amenities that includes extensive walking and biking trails. "We have the most extensive trail system, per capita, than anywhere in the country," Hedquist said.


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